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The Time Has Come is a solo-dev point and click adventure game project that was created on late evenings after work during the 2 weeks of the $105 Adventure Game Challenge.

The theme of the challenge was: Escape

Trapped in a mysterious circular room with no exits. The protagonist must come to terms with the tale of a horrific event that seemingly changed everything. Can she escape from the monsters within, or will she become a monster herself?


Built in Adventure creator for Unity.

Art assets are created in Aseprite. (Aseprite rules!)

Music and sound effects are public domain or licensed (CC by 3.0) or paid license (via Humble bundle)

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorMidlife Studios
TagsEscape Game, Point & Click, Thriller


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Very good. Make a continuation game, bro.


Atmosphere of this game was great. Had a good time with this one.

This was disturbing. That being said, good puzzles, a good pacing and build-up. I'm not the same man after playing this... 

Wow, If this is your first game jam, I can't wait to see your bright future. This was a really amazing game. The art, the music, and the story was deep man. Just came together perfectly. It was a little tricky figuring out what went where and I got stuck once, but I kept at it because I had to see the ending. And it was well worth it. 

Thank you! Yes it was my first Jam (and first game). 

Had super fun making it. Sleep did suffer a bit towards the end though lol. And I had to scrap a bunch of stuff that I didn't have time to finish. 

Super glad you liked it! Will def keep at it! 

First game too? Amazing! There were a bunch of great games in this jam, and a few exceptional ones,  and yours is up there! 

Very intriguing story and some of it seriously creeped me out. Quite atmospheric!

Thank you!


I enjoyed this, it's incredible what you were able to create in a short time. Pixel art is great, very good aesthetic. Really enjoyed the short story you told through the game, I'm rooting for your win and looking forward to what you'll make in the future!


Thank you! You saying this really means a lot to me! It was a super fun challenge (and my first ever GameJam, cherry popped! yay!) Cant wait to get cracking on bigger things :)

I also have a ptach ready to roll out once the judging period is over that will fix some minor bugs and flesh out some story bits that I didnt have time to finish before the deadline (mostly adding protagonist comments on different items and interactions)

Congratulations, that was an intriguing and enjoyable point-and-click game you made. I wasn't able to quite follow the plotline - something about drug addiction that made the protagonist take actions she later regretted? It did remind me a bit of The Company of Myself, if you've ever played that. It's a platformer but the message seemed along the same theme.

Thanks for trying it out. And yeah you are fairly close to what I was trying to convey. I left the protagonists issues a bit vague to let players make their own judgemet here. But time constraints of the Game-jam might have clouded it a bit to much before I got enough polish done.
I will def check out The company of myself! it looks cool!